Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting

With the current economic pressures many business people and entrepreneurs who are starting to do business will argue that it is good to look for a way to reduce the startup cost. This makes them think of free web hosting services when looking for some hosting solutions. Though there are so many companies offering free hosting the disadvantage that comes with using them are what these entrepreneurs are not ready to see. Many argue that the free hosting offers virtually the same services as the paid hosting, but little do they understand that their business must grow and outgrow the free hosting. At this point one must upgrade to a paid hosting and here is where the problems start.


Why go for paid web hosting services?

Professionalism in the appearance of your site

Free hosting services always give an address that ends with the name of the host company giving you the service. The address appears something like http// where is the hosting company. Such a web address at times makes it seem like you are not actually a serious person or you are not serious with your business. It is without doubt that making your site professional requires that you get a paid hosting service. A paid hosting service gives the liberty to create and own your address. Visit to get a free domain domain along with hosting package.


The challenge of upgrading to a paid service

When a business starts with a free web hosting service there is a likelihood of outgrowing the service and this will force the business to upgrade to a paid hosting service. There are a number of challenges that come with the upgrade. One of them is that it is very difficult to redirect those accessing your older site to your new site. This is because the free hosting providers do not allow you to upload the .htaccess file that facilitates redirecting. This means that you will basically have to start from scratch again after years of struggling. Instead of going through such trouble it is only good to go for a paid hosting account from the beginning. Check out this Bluehost hosting service, which is so cheap that it is almost free –


No custom error pages

There is another challenge that one cannot miss when using a free hosting service. Whenever the visitor is browsing the site and an error occurs free hosting service will provide no error message that can direct the visitor on what to do. This can really be very disappointing. It is therefore important that you have a good paid hosting account that can enable you to give your website visitors the explanation to any specific problem.


Dangers of the free hosting exiting

There is a great risk of the free hosting company deciding to close its services indefinitely. This can lead to great loss of data and the efforts you have put in developing your site. This means that you need to have a paid account that can give you the capability of having a backup of your site. This is advantageous because in case the hosting company goes away you can still upload the site to a new hosting company and still be on the move.


Free hosting templates cannot be moved

Though free hosting service seems attractive because they provide free hosting templates, the challenge is that the templates can only be used within the provider’s service. The moment that you will feel like moving away from the provider and start paying for your hosting, then it will mean that you again start from scratch. It is wise then to buy your templates or hire a professional web designer so as to ensure that you personalize your templates and your site.


In essence it is a thing of much importance that you take the right step to the right ways when starting to look for your online presence. Since every business needs some online presence so as to increase its margins and scale. Going for free web hosting services might seem good initially, but in the long run it costs the efforts you have used.


20 Sep 2016